FIEGE had once again invited friends to join it for its FAST & FORWARD event held in Berlin on Thursday. The goal of this year’s networking event is to bring companies and start-ups together, engage in discussions, and take along fresh stimuli for one’s teams and organisations. An expectation which once again was more than fulfilled.

Das Familienunternehmen aus dem westfälischen Greven setzt am Standort Apfelstädt zusammen mit dem Sportartikel-Händler ein großes Automatisierungsprojekt um – auf einer Fläche von fast 10.000 Quadratmetern.

Continued professional development (CPD) is key to good HR policy. Next to in-company training offers, FIEGE also relies on the specific development of skills outside of the company.

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FIEGE Italy is changing its role from sub-contractor to principal contractor at the fashion sites in Castel San Giovanni and Stradella. This will benefit employees in particular.